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Activity requires an Apple Watch to collect the data it displaysActivity integrates with the Health App on your iPhone to retrieve the data it displays. It can display your Activity, Active Calorie, Stand Hours and Exercise Minutes data. 19/05/38 · Update the software on your Apple Watch - Apple Support; Close certain apps and restart both your iPhone and your watch normally: Close the Watch app, Health app, Activity app and any other fitness apps if open on your iPhone: Double-click the Home button, then swipe up on each app preview to close it. How to get your Apple Watch Activity App to Sync. The first thing I did was rebooting my Apple Watch, this method works for a few hours and then it stopped. The problem re-appear again. I turned on Airplane Mode on my Apple Watch so that it can disconnect from the iPhone then I turned it off.

22/02/41 · Top Apple Watch apps – tried and tested. Great ideas for getting more from your Apple Watch. To be fair, Apple does a pretty good job in its own Activity app for breaking down all the. 24/01/41 · How to view your Activity progress with the Activity app for Apple Watch. Inside the Activity app, you can view how close you are to meeting each of your goals. In order to meet all three goals, you'll have to stand for at least one minute each hour for 12 hours, exercise for 30 minutes, and meet your calorie goal for the day. Watch OS 3 or Watch OS 4. If you are missing the Watch App or Experiencing crash on restart, please press the Review tab and click on App Support. This explains what you need to do! Please email us if you are stuck. We love to help. -----Your Apple Watch is a highly sophisticated instrument, measuring and capturing your heart rate data. 27/07/39 · How to Specify Your Activity Type in the Apple Watch Workout App Friday April 13, 2018 2:44 AM PDT by Tim Hardwick. When you open the Apple Watch Workout app, the main screen by default offers you. 27/06/38 · On her Apple Watch: ask Siri "what is my name?" After making any changes as required, on your wife's iPhone, in the Watch app, go to: My Watch > General > Reset > tap on Reset Sync Data. Nothing will seem to happen, but the process will run in the background /.

14/03/41 · Activity App Not Working on Apple Watch and iPhone: Here’s the Fix. At times, Activity app may not work properly and won't show any workout progress on the iPhone or Apple Watch without any obvious reason. Here are some trusted solutions to fix the ill-functioning app. Dhvanesh Adhiya. 06/01/41 · Basically, the Activity app on your iPhone and Apple Watch tracks your movement and exercise during the day and shows it on your Apple watch, like how many calories you have burned, how much steps you have taken, how much of your day was spent while moving, and more. 22/07/40 · How to Change Activity Goals on the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch's Activity app helps you keep track of your exercise. This wikiHow shows you how to change the goals in the Move part of the app. Tap the Activity app icon to open Activity.

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